Project Showcase

Easybank website design

Full website design for a digital banking platform landing page. I’ve built the site from scratch using Gatsby.js and ContentfulCMS.

The Challenge

I designed this landing page and wanted to build it using a headless CMS that I've never tried before, which was Contentful in this case. This is also my first experience with Gatsby.

After trying Gastby, I must say that it was pretty satisfying to work with, although I still prefer Next.js

Here were some challenges:

  • View the optimal layout for each page depending on the device's screen size
  • Providing all the content from contenful (images, titles, descriptions etc.)
  • Implementing a working testimonial slider on smaller screen sizes
  • Seeing beautiful scroll & css animations
  • Built With

    • GraphQL - Query language
    • Contentful - Headless CMS
    • React - JS library
    • Gatsby.js - React framework
    • Typescript
    • AOS - animation library