Project Showcase

Used Cars API

I built this powerful API with a used-cars purchasing feature. This project makes use of authentication, authorization, password encryption, and much more.

The Challenge

The main purpose of this project was to learn the progressive node.js framework, Nest.js. It's a Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable Node.js web applications.

I really liked working with Nest.js since I enjoy writing typescript code, and I learned various concepts along the way.

Here were some challenges:

  • Encrypting user passwords using a salt and hash
  • Using cookies to signin/signout users from the app
  • Using DTOs to communicate and validate response data
  • Implementing unit tests and e2e tests from scratch
  • Building a custom serialize interceptor to use DTOs
  • Using guards to restrict access to protected routes
  • Creating complex queries with TypeORM
  • Using SQLite in development, and PostgreSQL in production
  • Built With

    • Nest.js - Node.js framework
    • TypeORM - Database ORM
    • SQlite & PostgreSQL
    • Jest - Testing library
    • Swagger - API testing tool