Project Showcase

Web Coding Environment

The best web coding environment where you can safely write and execute Javascript / React.js code, as well as document your code using markdown editors.

The Challenge

This project's goal was to build a complex app that lets you write javascript code directly in the browser, as well as real time documentation using a Markdown Editor.

I used esbuild API to bundle the code written by the user and built a more complex plugin to import external librairies.

Here were some challenges:

  • Safely executing user-provided code directly in the browser
  • Run a code editor directly in the browser - the same editor used by VSCode!
  • Deploying the app to the NPM registry
  • Mastering the use of React, Redux, and Typescript
  • In-browser code transpiling and processing
  • Securing the app against potential security exploits
  • Using a package-based architechture
  • Built With